Adhyayan Returns to Childhood Sweetheart

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It seems that there is always more to a break-up than what meets the eye or what the pair let son. This is the case, we now discover, with Adhyayan Returns to Childhood Sweetheart Suman and Raaz – The Mystery Continues co-star Kangana Ranuaut. The two claimed that their relationship mutually came to an end but leading newspaper Mid-Day had a much more to reveal thanks to an exclusive source.

The source issued a statement to the newspaper stating the following details, “The fact is that Adhyayan left Kangana to return to his childhood sweetheart, who also happens to be his neighbour. Adhyayan’s parents, who were totally opposed to his relationship with Kangna, were sure that their son would come back to the girl they approve of. And Adhyayan is now trying very hard to win her back. The girl, Maya (real name withheld on the request of the Suman family) is not from the film industry. She’s been almost like a member of the Suman family for years now. So after the way Adhyayan treated her and dated Kangna, she is naturally wary of renewing her relationship with him. But Adhyayan is completely over Kangna now, and they aren’t in touch at all. So she is giving him a second chance.”

Of course with so much said and done it was expected that neither Adhyayan or Kangana would be available for comment.

Kangana also is part of yet another controversy these days and that is in relation to Anurag Basu’s Kites in which she plays a 3rd lead alongside Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori. It seems she wasn’t happy with the fact that she’s not avidly involved in the promotion however, the actress and Hrithik are both putting all rumours to a rest with their upcoming episode for Farah Khan’s chat show.

Poor Kangana, she definitely is controversies’ favourite child! Let’s hope it all dies down soon enough for her sake!

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