Adnan Sami Receives Death Threats

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Popular singer Adnan Sami has been receiving death threats and has reported the event to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and President Asif Zardari of Pakistan. Thought not a Pakistani citizen — Adnan is in fact British born and raised, having been educated at Rugby and Kings — his family has close connections with the establishment in Pakistan as his father was for many years a leading diplomat.

Adnan’s personal life has always been troubled. The artist sometimes billed the fastest keyboard player in the world has lived in India for the last ten years, been married three times and is currently estranged from his wife Sabah. There have been reports of fights between Sabah and Adnan’s friend Pooja Bedi.

Adnan explains the current situation. “Since Thursday last, I started receiving calls one after another. The caller’s intensions were very clear. The caller warned me to lay off someone or face the consequences. The caller clearly named the person on whose behalf he was calling. I was horrified and appalled beyond words. Can anyone normal or sane stoop so low?”

The Mumbai authorities have taken the threats seriously and responded. “They’ve very kindly beefed up my security. The number of security personnel around me has gone up drastically. But I’m not feeling safe any longer. I want people to know who’s to blame if something happens to me.” Adnan says.

Adnan is currently locked in an intractable court case with his wife Sabah. She accuses him of emotional and physical cruelty and nascent alcoholism. He accuses her of psychological and emotional illness.

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