Adnan Sami Speaks about Chance Pe Dance Controversy

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Bollywood and controversies go hand in hand. After the music of Shahid Kapoor and Genelia D’Souza starrer Chance Pe Dance fell flat and set new standards in the category of the ‘Most Not So Happening Music of the Year 2009’, the composer Adnan Sami has decided to sue (Yes, SUE!) the makers of the film for adding a track composed by Pritam to the movie’s soundtrack. Of course, without the ‘Lift Kara De’ singer’s consent. Everyone, as in, the composers, the producers and the directors and the music label, all seem to have their own version of things which are often contradictory to each other. However, Adnan is adamant on a legal action against the people responsible for the ‘error’ and has made it very clear that he won’t budge and he won’t step down. In an exclusive chat with he also admitted that he is upset the way things turned out.

The song that is the centre of the controversy is ‘Don’t Stop’ composed by Pritam. For a change, Pritam is not busy fighting alleged plagiarism but an allegation like this is going to put him through a different kind of experience. Embarrassed by the turn of the events he plays the ‘I am Innocent’ card once again blaming Bhooshan Kumar of T Series for the blunder. However, Pritam did call Adnan to apologize. Talking about Pritam, Adnan said, “Pritam is a true friend and I respect him and his art as I know that he has always been transparent and he respects me which is why he took the initiative of calling me himself”. Adding further, “I love him!”

Adnan has no second thoughts in mind that he holds UTV and Ken Ghosh responsible for this whole chaos. He is in no mood to let it go just like that and said, “I’m a Barrister (Lawyer) by profession and have an exclusive contract with Ken Ghosh and so I will take them to task”.

You never know that the added experience with the courts in the past may come in handy. With his past experiences with the Canadian Judiciary, he is all the more confident. He said, “I have taken on the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT ON and WON so what is UTV and Ken Ghosh for me”. Explaining the reason behind this fury, he added, “I live on principals and expect the same from those associate themselves with me”. Showing complete faith in the Indian Judiciary System, he took the criticism against it head on by saying, “The Indian Judiciary is very just and quick.”

The director Ken Ghosh is getting in the crisis management mode and immediately announced that the song composed by Pritam is a part of the movie sound track but won’t be used in the movie. As he claims, it is being used for making a promotional video.

Putting the speculations of this whole incident a cheap publicity stunt to rest, Adnan mentioned, “I am not interested in publicity. I’m just interested in my work and respect from my audience”. Adnan Sami is one singer who has gained immense popularity in India in virtually no time at all. Talking about how his fans feel about the whole turn of events, the singer said, “The fans are really upset! But, take it easy guys! Koi Baat nahin!”

Let’s just hope that this is more than just a publicity stunt and that the Bollywood learns its lessons fast. Since Chance Pe Dance is getting ready for release on 15th January 2010, Ken Ghosh should probably be hoping that this matter gets resolved before the movie hits the screens.

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