Adnan Sami to host BOL BABY BOL

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Adnan Sami is a very busy man, besides composing, singing, performing, and losing tons of weight, he has now signed up to be a part of a very interesting new TV game show.

The show, Bol Baby Bol, asks contestants to complete the lyrics to a song! Who is going to be singing the lyrics? Well, it is none other than Adnan himself! The plan of the show is one that has never been seen before. Starting Oct 26th on Star One, contestants in the audience will be asked by Adnan to finish the lyrics of a song he has just sung. The person who gets they lyrics correct moves on to the buzzer round. In the buzzer round, three of the winners of the first round will be asked the same question by Adnan. It will either be about a Hindi song or lyric. The one who gets it right first goes on to next round called BOL BABY BOL. The BOL BABY BOL part of the game has 5 rounds, each with varying difficulty and each with a higher cash prize. Finally in the jackpot round, which is worth Rs 25,00,000, the contestant has to complete not just one line but a whole stanza of the song!

Calling the show a “genuinely unique concept, something that’s never done before in this country.” Prem Kamath, VP Marketing & Communication, Star India Pvt. Ltd. also said, “Adnan Sami is one of the finest singers we have in the industry today and we are privileged to be associated with him. Adnan will be very closely working with us on the show and will add a lot of value to it.”

Sami for his part is very excited with his new job. “The toughest part for a singer is to remember the lyrics correctly and this will be the biggest challenge for the contestants of Bol Baby Bol. People have always appreciated my singing and music and I really hope they like my new role as a host,” he said.

Adding, “This is a very different game show. Here people from all genres can take part, and not just those who can sing and dance. It is a fun-filled concept with lots of music, of course. You can be a bathroom singer to be a part of this show.”

The series will run for 26 episodes and is sure to be entertaining to watch! So if you can finish this line…Zara Sa Jhoom…then you should try and be a contestant on Bol Baby Bol!

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