Adnan Sami to Produce Jackson 5 Album

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Adnan Sami has confirmed that he is to produce a comeback album for the Jackson 5. In the original project, he had intended to include Michael Jackson, but now the lead parts will be sung by Michael’s sister Janet, with the remaining brothers Jermaine, Tito, Randy, Jackie and Marlon being the original group. “Janet is definitely going to be a part of the new project,” Adnan said, “It’s early to discuss the album’s details, but we are looking to release it next year. It will be a different kind of a collaboration – something nobody has seen before. Janet will bring her unique style to the songs.

Adnan promises the new album will be contemporary with a fusion of traditional Motown and Bollywood themes, not unlike the recent track he worked on with Jermaine Jackson, ‘Let’s Go To Mumbai City’. “Michael and I were constantly bouncing ideas, back and forth,” Adnan explained, “Unfortunately, before any of them could take shape, he was gone. This will be our tribute to our lost brother.”

Adnan has been suffering lately with gallstones and was in hospital all last week. Suddenly, he was visited by Shilpa Shetty, who insisted he get well and attend her wedding reception. “Why would the bewitching Shilpa suddenly show up in my room?” an astonished Adnan asked, “Only later did I get to know her father was in the same hospital for suspected malaria. But it was very sweet of Shilpa to invite me.” Adnan pulled himself out of bed and went to the reception with his son.

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