Agent Vinod is back in action!

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Agent Vinod is back in action and from what we hear action is the name of the game for this ‘hero saves the world’ adventure. Starring Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, the film is being directed by Sriram Raghavan and produced by Saif’s home production house, Illuminati films. The spy thriller has been in the works for a while, but after some delays due to Saif and Kareena’s other commitments, plus the extra time needed for prep for the intensive action scenes, the film now is back on schedule. Saif said in a recent interview, “We had a few issues with Kareena and my dates. I, in particular, got very busy with Aarakshan. But now, we are full-on with Agent Vinod.”

Describing his character, Saif said he was a mix of a bunch of different hero types, with a bit of 007 James Bond, a bit of the comic strip character Tintin (a young Belgian reporter who investigates mysteries and becomes involved in dangerous cases and in the end saves the day), a bit of Jason Bourne but also his own man, “Agent Vinod is a special forces kind of guy and very Indian.”

Calling director Sriram Raghavan a “fantastic storyteller”, he went on to talk with PTI about the plan Agent Vinod has to foil to save the world, “Raghavan and I were trying to find a proper story for this film and we picked up the nuclear issue. It is quite relevant today but at the same time a very engaging adventure. We also searched about the repercussions of a nuclear crisis. A film like Agent Vinod needs a problem like that.”

The prep for the film was quite intense and the actor/producer says they really wanted to make sure it looked and felt real. “We have not made a film like this in a while and I wanted to do it properly. The genre has been popular in the past but these kinds of films were a bit tacky. The look of the film had to be right so we have worked really hard on the pre-production.”

With it being a save the world from destruction story, of course there is going to be lots of car chases, stunts, helicopters and over the top action sequences, in fact Saif describes is as ‘a hardcore action film and not an easy project to shoot’. They have tapped several prestigious action sequence directors including Cedric Proust who directed the action scenes in Prince of Persia.

As for doing the action scenes himself Saif told IANS, “For me, it is extraordinary to be flexible enough to kick a certain way, run and jump and do it all in a particular style. I think the character doing action in the film is somebody meant to be very comfortable doing it. Also, it’s supposed to look good on him. So that is a challenge – to be stylish while doing action scenes in a particular way.”

Starring along with Saif is Kareena Kapoor and Saif told the Hindustan Times that he felt she was perfect for the role, “It is important to have a tight script and a good role. Kareena is perfect for this role. I can’t imagine anyone else.”

The two are a real life couple but Saif thinks that that will not get in the way of the film or their characters, “I think we both will be great in this movie. Chemistry is in script; directors create it in right moments. Luckily, Agent Vinod has those moments but people will forget Saif and Kareena once they see the film.”

Since it is so action intensive, Kareena too got to put on a daredevil avatar and Saif added he is quite impressed, “Kareena is very conscious of looking good in every film. She’s stunning in this one too. As a producer, I’m particularly impressed with her action scenes given that she’s not kicked about stunts.” Adding, “Kareena’s really passionate about her work I have to admit she’s remarkable in Agent Vinod, doing the kind of things she’s never attempted before.”

This past week however, Kareena was injured while doing one of those stunts. She was hanging from a harness from a helicopter when she fell. Kareena told a leading daily what happened, “I had a neck sprain as I had to do a fall from the harness. I never thought I would enjoy action but I am surprised how much I love it here.” Despite the injury and after treatment Kareena is back to shooting for the film.

The film has been shot in amazing locations around the world and is currently filming the climax scene in Delhi. “We’ve shot all over the world, from London to Latvia, but it makes sense to come to Delhi to save the world. Start in Rome but end back home,” says the actor.

So when the film hit theaters? December 9th and Saif says they are working to make sure the film appeals to everyone. “Agent Vinod is the coolest film ever made and will take a great opening.”

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