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Comedy, romance, remake and now a thriller, Anant Mahadevan has certainly explored the far and wide of Indian cinema. Aggar is perhaps one of the most interesting additions to this talented director’s filmography.

Aggar revolves around the life of Aryan (Tusshar Kapoor) who is a mental patient on his road to recovery. Dr. Aditya Merchant (Sheryas Talpade) is the one accompanying Aryan in his road to recovery. Adi is known as a miracle maker, and even is regarded as Khuda (God) by his patients. Lastly, the final addition to this story is Janvi Merchant (Udita Goswami), wife of Aditya Merchant and the founder of one of the leading event management companies of the nation.

The story unfolds to reveal Aryan on his path to recover in which he encounter Janvi and falls madly in love with her without the knowledge that she is married. Janvi, suspecting that her husband has lost all interest in her, becomes much entangled in this torrid affair. The rest of Aggar shows how successful Aryan is in his path to recovery and how he makes his dream to live happily ever after with Janvi come true.

One might wonder why the synopsis above is so brief and provides barely any insight, well the simply reason is that Aggar is a movie full of discoveries. Depriving anyone from discovering each one of these mysteries would absolutely ruin the mood and the purpose of the movie.

Tusshar Kapoor despite being constantly criticised yet managed to score such a meaty role. Whilst many critics have acclaimed his work, I think otherwise. The actor deliver a more than “ok” performance however lacks abundance of emotions in much demanding scenes. At the end of the day, Tusshar was certainly not the wisest choice for the role of Aryan.

It has become old news that Shreyas Talpade is a knock out talented actor. So it doesn’t surprise one when he so convincingly plays the role of Adi. The actor is fantastic in every aspect of his character. And without giving away too much all that can be said that his role was not an easy one. The director has positioned the audiences to feel all sorts of emotions for the character of Adi. Shreyas’s convincing performance ensures that Anant Mahadevan mission to send his audiences on an emotional roller coaster ride (as far as the character of Adi is concerned) is fulfilled.

Udita Gowswami takes a large leap with Aggar. The actress is certainly travelling far and wide. She was handed a very juicy role on a silver plate and made the absolute perfect choice for grabbing it. The role was one that could have been easily handed out to any of the current young leading ladies in Bollywood and that is what makes it an absolute golden score for Udita. She is bound to get noticed by anyone who has an eye for talent through this movie.

The music of Aggar is trendy and foot tapping. After the successful soundtrack of The Train Mithoon yet again scores another great album. Perhaps not an album which will go down in history but certainly one that would be constantly found on playlists of cars, IPODS and clubs.

On the whole Aggar is a great addition to the growing list of intriguing thrillers. The twist and turns of the script ensures the audiences are kept entertained and hooked to their seats. The first half was rather dragged out like old chewing gum, however with the multiple twists in the second half audiences’ attention is well kept. An unexpected climax is also a great addition the movie. Definitely not a movie that will rock the box office but one that is a good watch.

Our Rating

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