Ahana Deol – Will she or won’t she?

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For the youngest Deol, the film industry was not an automated career choice. After years of denying any attraction towards the idea of being in front of the camera and firmly pursuing various other avenues, it seems now Ahana Deol has finally decided that she is open to the idea of acting. Hema Malini recently told TOI that Ahana is now considering acting along with many other things that she is pursuing, such as fashion designing and script writing.

Ahana has been a committed dancer for the longest time and has performed quite extensively with her Mum and sister across India and overseas. She’s even completed a film education course through Whistling Woods, a prominent film schools in New York established and promoted by Mukta Arts and Subhash Ghai.

The two sisters have always been supportive of each other so there’s very little doubt as to how Esha will take this news. What will be interesting to see is Papa Deol’s reaction, as he wasn’t one to initially be too supportive of Esha’s career move into films. Hemaji on the other hand is ecstatic and ready to support her youngest daughter.

Who knows, maybe we’ll finally have a Deol girl that reaches her potential. Sadly Esha’s career didn’t get fired up once again with Tell Me O Khuda, as hoped by the family. Nor are elder siblings Sunny and Bobby’s career shining exuberantly at the moment. So lets hope we get a later bloomer from the Deol khandaad!

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