Ahmed Khan’s Visa Rejected

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Sajid Nadiadwala’s Anjaana Anjaani is being shot in US but is missing one of its crucial crew members – choreographer Ahmed Khan. He was denied a visa for the shoot.

Ahmed was supposed to leave on December 30th for New York. However he was told by the authorities that there was an issue with his name and they would get back to him in 15 days, which did not happen.

The rejection has come as a big shock to him. The frustrated Ahmed says, “It’s very unfortunate that this kind of discrimination is still happening. I haven’t been even informed on what grounds they have
rejected my visa! The funny thing is that I have been to the US a month and a half back, and this isn’t my first trip to the country. In fact, I have been to the US many times, so for them to disallow me from getting a visa is really surprising.”

Anjaana Anjaani‘s choreography has now been reduced to Ahmed’s two assistants being instructed by Ahmed over the phone. He says, “I have done all the songs for Ranbir and am very fond of Siddarth. This is the first time they are shooting a song without me, which is really sad.”

Ahmed is very concerned for producer Sajid. He says, “He puts his heart and soul into his productions. After all the preparation it’s sad that I had to be stuck here while the rest of the crew is in the US. In fact, I told Sajid, next time let’s shoot in Turkey, Russia, Europe or some other country where we are welcome. I am proud to be an Indian and definitely have self-respect. But if Shah Rukh had to go through scrutiny, then who are we to complaint?”

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