Aishwarya: “I treasure the experience of working in Pink Panther 2”

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, throughout her career has always tried to take on a variety of different roles as well as in a variety of film industries. She has worked not only in the Southern film industry in India but has also been seen in films from England as well as the US. Her first major foray into the world of Hollywood comes in the form of The Pink Panther 2. Starring Steve Martin, the film is a full-on comedy with Jean Reno, Alfred Molina, John Cleese, Emily Mortimer, Jeremy Irons and Andy Garcia also taking part in the amazing all-star cast.

Aishwarya said in an interview with IANS that the reason she chose the project was because of the script, “I didn’t work in Pink Panther 2 because it was an international project. I got the script. I happily chose to be part of the film.”

She does play a supporting role in the film but says that since the film is based completely around Steve Martin’s Inspector Clouseau character that she did not worry about her screen time, “Of course, Pink Panther is a Steve Martin vehicle. All the rest of the wonderful cast including Jean Reno and Andy Garcia play supporting roles. I treasure the experience of working in Pink Panther 2.”

Adding, “It was a wonderful experience working with a stalwart like Steve Martin and the rest of the cast and crew. Why spoil it by questioning how much footage I have? So many Indian actors have worked in international ensemble casts. The choices I’ve made in my career aren’t just about footage but an opportunity to work with actors, directors and technicians who enrich my life. Believe me working in Pink Panther was a joy.”

The film’s promotional whirlwind is just getting started and Aishwarya will be seen traveling all over the globe starting with the film’s premiere in New York City, “We’ve a series of premieres lined up, which started in New York on Feb 3. From there it’s a crazy whirlwind trip that will take me to several countries and continents from Paris to Berlin to Moscow to Madrid. The final destination for my 15-day trip will take me to a screening at the Berlin film festival.”

Also in Aishwarya’s promotional tour was a stop on the Martha Stewart Show were she helped Martha with some Valentine’s Day paper craft projects!

Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya’s husband was in New York for the premiere of the film. The two will also celebrate his 33rd birthday in NYC and then it is back to India for Abhishek to begin the promotions for his next release Delhi 6.

We wish Abhishek a very Happy Birthday and Aishwarya the best of luck for the release of Pink Panther 2! The film opens everywhere on February 6th!

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