Aishwarya is Still Angry

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has pulled out of a lucrative awards show performance, because it was linked with the tabloid that recently printed lies about her. The function was to be the only awards show that Aishwarya was scheduled to perform at this year, having refused all other offers, so the turnaround is significant in showing how angry the actress is at the shabby journalism exploiting her name.

Reports are not naming the awards ceremony, but are claiming that Aish has turned down an alleged 85 lakhs performance fee because the function is associated with the company that runs the Mumbai Mirror – the tabloid that upset the Bachchan household when it ran a story claiming Aishwarya could not get pregnant because she is suffering from stomach tuberculosis.

Though the Mumbai Mirror published a retraction to the story after receiving an angry letter from Aishwarya denying the report and calling the article “fabricated and false”, Aishwarya and the Bachchan family are said to be waiting for a full apology to be printed. Until that happens, the entire Bachchan family are reportedly boycotting the awards function in support of Aish.

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