“Aishwarya is the only actress who could have done Deepika’s role” – Farah Khan

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She is bursting with excitement and energy, awaiting the release of Om Shanti Om which hits theatres tomorrow to much fanfare. In an exclusive interview, she chatted to Mid-Day. In this article, we sum up the highlights of the interview.

After holding a screening for the cast and crew of the film a few days ago, Farah claims that they all loved it. She explains on a funny note, “Shah Rukh is not taking back the car he presented me with, so I guess everyone is happy.” Exactly how long is the film? Farah promptly replies, “As long as it needs to be. About two hours and thirty-five minutes.”

Rapidly approaches the dreaded question regarding the ‘S’ word — Saawariya. Claiming she regrets the Diwali clash, Farah says, “I’ve always maintained that I wish we had a clear week because it’s just become a race now and because of that we had to do everything more aggressively than we would have, otherwise. Everyone gets hyper because there is somebody else along with you. Whether it is the choice of theatres or or advertising… you are competing with someone else and it really should not have happened.” And what about her love-hate relationship with SLB? “We’ve always had an off-on relationship. We were friends, then we fought, then in between again we became friends. That continues…” she honestly admits.

In terms of direction, she says that she must like the film she makes which is why she prefers commercial entertainers. “Yes I make films for myself, first. I am a really massy audience. I like the kind of movies I make. And somewhere I have a very strong commercial sense.”

The question on everyone’s minds is will she continue to make all her films with SRK, following Karan Johar’s approach? She replies, “As long as Shah Rukh is still in films, yes. And why not? I really enjoy working with SRK. Why shouldn’t I? He is the biggest superstar in the world, I think. Why have hamburger when you have steak at home?”

As for Deepika, is there anyone else that could have done the role? “There was maybe only one actress who could’ve fit in this mould and that is Aishwarya Rai. She had to be very beautiful. But Aishwarya has done movies with Shah Rukh. I wanted somebody fresh,” Farah explains her choice.

With all honesty, she makes a statement saying she will never work with husband Shirish Kunder ever again. “I can’t do this again. This is my last film with Shirish. I will never work with him again. I will not be choreographing for Shirish, and he will not be editing for me.”

And what movie is Farah looking forward to besides her own? “Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par. I think it will be nice.” Well I’m sure Aamir would be happy!

Don’t forget to check out Om Shanti Om as it lights up the Diwali weekend.

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