Aishwarya looking at script for next Smith film

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After starring in Mistess of Spices and The Last Legion, actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is looking at a Hollywood script co-starring Will Smith.

Talking about her foundation as a model and the Miss World contest to her present day acting career, Rai spoke candidly about the freedom she had while making decisions that took her career to the international level saying, “There is an incredible power in the word ‘no’. If it’s your conscious decision, go ahead and make them but most of all, believe your decision and have a conviction.”

Acknowledging the accreditation she received on the global platform she stated it was due to the present time being “exciting and eventful in terms of international attention.”

“I consider myself very fortunate to have enjoyed a fantastic support from a widespread section of audience……..I am very thankful for that kind of love and support because it has given me the confidence and strength of enjoying myself and explore different genres, be it art, commercial or historical, I have done it all.”

Rai admitted to reading scripts from Hollywood and confessed that she would leave it to destiny to resolve. Expressing her enthusiasm for the project Rai stated she was “very excited about it because the script is fabulous…”

A self confessed Aishwarya Rai Bachchan fan, Smith has affirmed that Rai was his first choice to star not only in Hancock which was released earlier this year, but Seven Pounds too. Both offers were however politely declined by Rai due to prior commitments.

Will Smith has previously stated his belief that the future of international cinema lies in the marriage of Hollywood and Bollywood, while expressing a keen interest in acting in a Bollywood film himself.

Maybe destiny is finally conspiring to bring the two stars together so the audiences can finally see them gracing the silver screen together.

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