Aishwarya plays detective Sophie Solandres in ‘Pink Panther 2’

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The trailer for The Pink Panther 2 has been released and studio rumours suggest that the movie is even better than the first in the new series. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan plays the role of ace detective Sophie Solandres (Oh, how we’d love to see her in the role of Carmen Sandiego in another movie perhaps) as the pink panther diamond is stolen by master criminal ‘The Tornado’. Inspector Clouseau (Steve Martin) is forced to call together a team of international detectives to help him solve the mystery. The film has a great cast and includes comic actors John Cleese and Jean Reno.

Meanwhile, Ash is busy in the forests of Kerala filming Ravana and nursing sick hubby Abhi as he struggles with a flu-type virus. “It’s a really exciting thought for me and Abhishek to be coming together again with Mani Ratnam,” she says of the movie. “All I can say about the film is that it goes into a completely different theme than Guru.”

However, after November 14th, Abhi will have to cope on his own as Aish will be flying out to Kulu Manali in order to shoot the next portion of Endhiran directed by Shankar. The movie also stars Rajnikanth and is being made by the same team that produced the mega-hit Sivaji: The Boss. It has a huge budget of 140 crores and is not due for release until April 2010 suggesting a good deal of post-production work.

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