Aishwarya Rai – An Old Lady

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In Action Replay, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will look like an old woman. No, it’s not because she forgot to put on her L’Oreal foundation cream, it’s an essential part of the plot. Such is the perfection of Aish’s skin, it took six hours to get the make-up right. “Ash did her old age make up with Paul, a Hollywood make-up artist,” says director Vipul Shah. “When we did it the first time, it didn’t work out well. When you are doing age make-up, you can’t correct it so it had to be removed fully and done again.” The movie is a love story, which also stars Akshay Kumar, and which travels backwards in time.

Aish and Abhi’s diaries are starting to look a bit cluttered at the moment. Firstly, they had to push back a shooting schedule for Raavan because director Mani Ratnam had a bit of a health scare and now they’ve had to do the same for Crooked because director Abhinay Deo’s wife is ill and he naturally wants to be with her. Producer Ritesh Sadhwani explains,”There was no question of replacing Abhinay. Crooked is his baby all the way. And we wanted to make it only with him. Fortunately, Abhinay’s wife is now on the way to recovery. Fortunately, Abhishek and Aishwarya have been able to readjust their dates. We now shoot in Greece, Istanbul and Thailand at the years end.” It’s also been decided that the film will have a name change before it’s released.

In Raavan, a modern re-telling of the Ramayana, Aish is said to give a spectacular performance in an item number filmed twice, firstly in Hindi with husband Abhishek and secondly in Tamil with Vikram for the Kollywood version. The dance is a fusion of classical Tandav, Ballet and Contemporary styles.

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