Aishwarya wants to work with Rajni

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one of Bollywood’s biggest celebrities and so it’s no surprise that movie offers are always pouring in from the best directors and producers that the industry has to offer. Of course, this means that she has to become choosier in the projects she takes on and can’t accept every movie offer that comes her way. Most offers, she turns down immediately and others, she has to opt out of. However, there are some, such as her new film with Tamil superstar Rajnikanth, that she says yes to right away.

As we know, the green eyed beauty turned down Karan Johar’s Dostana. Ash explained, “I opted out of Dostana because the inter-personal relationships among the three of us made me uncomfortable. Now that Abhishek and I are married, the kind of quirky situations shown in Dostana, albeit in a comic vein, wouldn’t have worked.” Priyanka Chopra has now taken over the role in the film that along with Abhishek, also stars John Abraham.

So why did Aishwarya accept to do the movie with Rajnikanth? She answers, “I want to work with Rajni sir, yaar. He is phenomenal. Everyone speaks of this experience. I’ll actually go through the experience. It’s very important for me to come away with something from my films since I give so much.”

About working with director Shankar and Rajniknath, she gushes, “It’s a total Rajni-Shankar styled entertainer. There’s no logic as to why I agreed to do it beyond the urge to work with Rajnikanth. Shankar and Rajni sir have approached me for so many films, it’s embarrassing. Ever since we did Jeans together, Shankar has approached me for all his films except Boys. Rajni sir, being the senior that he is, has shown no egoistic traits in approaching me for his last four-five films. And my refusal to do his films was never misconstrued by him. I admire him for that. It speaks volumes for his seniority and his calibre as a human being to never take offence to my no.”

This movie, that Aishwarya gave an “immediate yes” to, has been titled Robot. When asked whether it was a sci-fi movie as the title implies, she explained, “It is hard to define. But technically it will take cinema to another level. I can only say I’ll come away enriched.”

As everyone knows Aishwarya’s father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan is one of India’s biggest superstars; when asked about Rajnikanth and him, Ash said, “They’re both institutions. And I’m blessed to work with both. When I look back at all the leading men, directors and technicians I’ve worked with I feel totally blessed. It’s a good place to be in.”

We wish her all the best in her new film with Rajnikanth and be sure to keep updated with us for all the latest news on Robot.

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