Ajay Devgan in Animated Film

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Ajay Devgan, an actor who likes to try all aspects of film, is now going to be in an animated film. The film called Toonpur Ka Super Hero is a feature film with a mixture of animated characters as well as real-life people. It is being produced by Kumar Mangat’s company Big Screen Entertainment, along with Sunil Lulla of Eros Entertainment, and directed by Kireet Khurana.

According to Mangat, “It’s a family adventure with dollops of romance and will feature Ajay, one top heroine and two children.

Ajay will play himself. I plan to launch the film on July 2. It’s not a film about a superhero, as the title suggests, but something very different.”

Mangat immediately agreed to doing the project as soon as he heard the concept of the film narrated to him by Khurana. The film is set in a town called Toonpur and it is the first time a Bollywood film will have a mixture of 3-D and animation.

Khurana’s company, Climb Media Pvt Ltd, will make the film at their studios. Khurana is a 5-time National Award winner for animation and has even won two international awards for short films.

The company has made many animated projects including the award winning series, “Adventures of Chota Birbal”. Chota Birbal is the first ever Indian animated character to be licensed.

About Toonpur Ka Super Hero, Mangat added, “It’s a novel idea and when Ajay heard the script he immediately agreed to do it. He is very excited,”

With a budget of Rs 40 crore we can not wait to see what new amazing special effects we will see in this original film.

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