Ajay Devgn challenges Anil Kapoor to a F1 Race – Tezz!

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It seems that not only on reel will Ajay Devgn and Anil Kapoor go against each other in the upcoming exciting action thriller Tezz on April 27th, because we have just learned about a challenge that was thrown down and accepted in real life. Anil Kapoor and Ajay Devgn will have a super car race on the F1 track in Delhi. Yes, you read that right, they are going to go full speed in a car race! Not only that they will be driving the coolest of the cool cars because this race is with Silver and Yellow Lamborghinis. The race is scheduled on Monday, April 23. While sharing this news with us Mr. Kapoor told us that this race is Ajay’s brainchild.

During a casual conversation over dinner Mr. Kapoor and Mr. Devgn started exchanging notes on their need for speed. That is when Ajay, who is into sports cars, challenged Anil to a race. Surprised, Kapoor took it sportingly and they decided to test their skills on the F1 track in Delhi.

Talking about this adventure Anil Kapoor said, “We have taken to it rather seriously. And have also decided on the cars we will drive.” We have learned that while Anil will race in a sliver Lamborghini, Ajay will contest in a yellow one. “That’s right. The race will be run on pure merit,” says Anil.

An official from the Buddh International Circuit (on request of anonymity) confirmed that the two actors are slated to contest in a race on F1 track. “The reception among drivers to this track has been overwhelmingly positive. Anil and Ajay should be having a ball,” said the official.

Though Mr. Kapoor is not so comfortable with super cars, still he is not taking this challenge lightheartedly. And to avoid conceding defeat to his Tezz co-star, he is going to Delhi to check out and test the Silver Lamborghini

The actor concludes saying, “So Ajay has the edge alright. But who knows, I may just shock him at the post. I shall put my best foot forward.”

We can’t wait to hear what happened and who gets to do the final victory lap! Stay tuned!

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