Ajay Devgn criticises award shows for being ‘rigged

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Superstar Ajay Devgn has spoken out about award shows and how they are just a money making scheme which does not truly acknowledge talent. “I feel all awards in India are rigged. You know how the business operates, it’s a money making thing.”

Asked to elaborate on this point whilst at the HT Leadership Summit, Ajay said the following. “They have to sell the function to the TV channel, promising that big stars will turn up. So, whichever star says they’ll come and perform, gets the award. I haven’t been to an award function in 15 years. Even Aamir (Khan) doesn’t go. They are such a farce.”

Ajay also spoke about how he once cheekily promised an award organiser he would attend a ceremony but never did. “I kept telling them that I’d be there till the last moment. I never turned up, but I got three awards (laughs).”

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