Ajay Devgn’s Official Statement and the KRK Audio file

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Ajay Dvegn’s official Statement is as below:

“I have been a part of the Indian film industry for the past 25 years and have been associated with over 100 films. My father was a professional action director and I have an emotional connection with this industry.

It therefore pains me to see that people like Kamaal R Khan are holding the film industry to ransom by spreading negativity about films to extort money from producers.

It is very sad that people from our own industry are supporting such elements and spoiling the ethos of the film industry.

I would strongly demand that this be thoroughly investigated by competent authorities to clarify if Karan Johar was indeed involved in this.”

After learning of this news, Ajay’s team felt “compelled” to record the following conversation. Take a listen.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest statement from Ajay Devgn regarding the most recent events.

“We have only made you aware of what KRK has said. KRK is contradicting himself in explanations about what he has said in the recording and what we all have just heard in his postured press conference.

He has not denied that it was his voice in the recording and he is now making excuses and contradicting himself. Where is the sanity here? You have heard what I have heard. It is upto you all to decide. Its his word against his own word.

I have never in my life spoken to nor met this man.”

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