Ajay the prankster strikes again

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Ajay Devgan besides being one of Bollywood’s finest actors is also one of Bollywood’s finest pranksters. From nearly every movie set you hear stories of a prank that he has pulled on his co-stars. On Halla Bol it was no different and the object of Ajay’s prank was co-star Vidya Balan.

Vidya said, “We were shooting for Halla Bol and in between two shots I was discussing my scene with Rajji (Rajkumar Santoshi). Ajay came to us and started talking to Rajji discussing about a new song he recently recorded for Halla Bol. They both began praising the song endlessly.”

“Looking at the excitement on my face, Ajay immediately took out his iPod and headphones from his pocket and offered it to me to hear the number stored in it. As soon I pressed the play button, I immediately got a mild shock! I noticed the entire unit laughing at me along with Rajji and Ajay, the mastermind of this prank, who had already told them all about this,” she added.

But now she is prepared next time to fight back, “After working with the Hindi film industry’s two biggest pranksters – Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar, and having been a victim of their pranks I have vowed that I will now become the Prankster No.1 amongst actresses.”

We certainly cannot wait to report the story when Vidya does become Prankster No.1 and gets back at those two. We wish we could be there to see the look on everyones face. We will keep our eyes open for the story and will definitely never listen to Ajay’s iPod if he offers it to us.

Halla Bol releases December 21st.

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