Ajay turns green

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Ajay Devgan is turning green, but it is not with envy, it is because of shooting for Toonpur Ka Superhero. The film is a mixture of animation and live action and for many of the scenes Ajay has to shoot against a green screen.

He wrote in his diary on his site: “It looks like I am going to turn green without the presence of chlorophyll in me, reason being, I am shooting only against green background for this film.”

Because it is a mixture of animation and live action Toonpur Ka Superhero is a huge undertaking. There is a crew of over 200 working to create the characters and making sure they are in sync. Ajay wrote, “Kudos to the entire team of Toonpur Ka Superhero.”

He also said he is having fun seeing the scenes in the monitor, “It is so much fun when I watch myself on an off line monitor and realise the way I am going to look as I perform along with the animated characters in their toon world.”

Also in the pipeline for Ajay is London Dreams with Salman Khan and Asin. Ajay wrote that filming will begin in London in mid-September and will probably have a long shooting schedule so he is trying to get all his chores done before then!

We will keep you up to date on all the Toon Ka Superhero and London Dreams news so check back here often!

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