Ajay up to his old tricks again

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Playing pranks on set is a way of getting rid of the stress and tiredness of a long day of shooting.

Something like that was done by Ajay Devgan. Yes… he played a prank and made his co-stars get drunk on the sets of U, Me, and Hum.

This is how it all happened: co-stars Divya Dutta, Isha Sharvani, Karan Khanna, and Sumit Raghvan were required to drink shots of tequila in a specific scene, which in reality was a glass of water. However, after the first take went successful, Ajay Devgan thought of a prank and insisted that the scene should be re -shot and this was when the prank went into action. Ajay changed the plain glasses of water into real tequila and, as the requirement of the scene, they gulped it down in one shot and we all know what happened next. The stars were dazed out.

Divya Dutta went high and decided to go home and have a nice long sleep, poor Karan Khanna missed his classes, Isha Sharvani was hyper, and finally Sumit Raghvan, surprisingly, he was not affected by the drink at all.

It seems as if Ajay is quite the prankster and has been known to be one of the best ones in the industry. But one wonders if he would have done the same to wife, Kajol, if she was also in the particular scene!

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