Akki’s downfall in 2009?

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Numerologist Niraj Mancchanda had predicted in 2006 that Akshay Kumar will make it very big 2007 onwards. It was the movie Heyy Babyy, numerologically titled by Niraj, which changed Akshay’s career graph and his overseas market. From there onwards, he reached the position of a King.

But now Niraj predicts that “Akki will have a downfall in 2009”. According to Niraj, “Akshay is born on the 9th and he is number 9. His destiny number is 5, and destiny numbers play a vital role for changes in life. The name Akshay Kumar comes to number 28 which is a cyclic number, so the highs are extremely high and lows extremely low.”

“Akshay started his career with a hit movie Saugandh and reached the pinnacle of his success with the Khiladi series. [He] then had a low phase where he had many flops, until in the year 1999 he turned 32=3+2=5. At the age of 32, his first hit movie Jaanwar got him back from his low cycle and once again his series of hits began. In 2007, he completed his 9 year cycle. In 2008, even though Singh Is Kinng did huge business, it entailed losses to all Indian distributors except Punjab as the price of the movie could not be recouped by the distributors even after its full run.”

“After he turned 41=4+1=5 once again his destiny number got active. With his new 9 year cycle, he will have a series of flops which will begin from 2009. His first release of 2009 is Chandni Chowk To China which will entail losses to the producer as they will not be able to recoup the cost of the movie. [This] will be followed by Kambakkth Ishq to which I have numerologically [given] the number of Maine Pyar Kiya. Even though Kambakkth Ishq will do huge business, no credit will be go to Akshay or Kareena as I have titled it in such a way that the credit goes to Sylvester Stallone, Anu Malik, Sabbir Khan and the producer Sajid Nadiadwala who will make the huge bucks from it. The 100 crore Akki starrer Blue comes to number 16 which in tarot is represented as a tower burnt by lightning. This movie will be one of the biggest flops of 2009 and in continuity to Blue, Akshay will have a hattrick of flops. Akki will have a huge downfall in 2009, and he will have to wait for 2010 for a hit to come his way.”

Niraj can be contacted on NirajMancchanda.org

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