Akshay a conman, Katrina an item girl in Tees Mara Khan

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Choreographer turned director Farah Khan is hard at work on her next film Tees Maar Khan, The film brings back the hot box-office jodi of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif. Though it was rumored that SRK was going to star in the film, in fact Farah’s husband Shirish Kunder wrote the script for the film and he had Akshay Kumar in mind to play the role of an international conman. In a new avatar, Katrina plays as a wannabe item girl, who just wants to sing and dance all the time. Farah recently spoke about Tees Maar Khan and who else she wanted to have in the film to TOI, check it out.

About Akshay’s character she said, “Tees Maar Khan basically means a smartass, somebody who is extra smart. In the movie, Akshay is playing the role of an international con man. He is what you will call a half Robin Hood because he robs the rich, but doesn’t give the money to the poor! So, the movie is about his exploits.”

Katrina Kaif plays Anya in the film and Farah had nothing but praise for Katrina’s work, “It’s such a different role for her – that of a madcap – and she has done full justice to it. Katrina has great comic timing, something that I hadn’t realised earlier. I think it’s very important for an actress to be good at comedy. And she’s danced like a dream, because she goes for every rehearsal and practices like a maniac.”

Along with Akshay and Katrina, the film was also to have a special appearance by Farah’s triplets, but things did not go as planned, “Both me and Shirish wanted our three lucky mascots to make an appearance in our first home production. But my babies have done nothing in the movie; they have just wasted one whole reel of mine! We had dressed them up in ghagra-choli and dhoti-kurta and made them sit on a tractor and waved out to them. But they just stared into space. They didn’t look interested in pleasing the crowd. They happily danced around, and once the camera started rolling, my kids just stood there. No amount of cajoling worked with them.”

We will have much more about Tees Maar Khan, so watch this space!

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