Akshay Grants Kylie’s Wish

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Kylie Monogue arrived in India recently to shoot her much hyped song with Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar for the film Blue. Along with work, however, there are many other things Kylie wants to see and do whilst she’s in India. One of them is witness an Indian wedding and in particular a baraat entrance where the groom or dulha enters on a horse. After spending a costly lunch time at Akshay’s residence, Kylie told Akshay about this wish. He immediately said that a very close acquaintance was getting married that evening and she should definitely come along with Tina and him. The trio were later spotted at the wedding where Kylie indeed had a great time.

Our Akki seems to be the next international hit of Indian cinema. Silvester Stallone, Brandon Routh, Kylie Monogue and God knows how many more are going to be added to this list. All we can say is we couldn’t be prouder of Akki, who seems to be doing everything right in the recent years!

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