Akshay is Singh the belly flop king?

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Seems the Khiladi, stuntman extraordinaire has finally come up against something that he found really difficult to do while shooting in Singapore for Priyardarshan’s De Dana Dan. What could that possibly be you may ask? That would be water skiing and on his blog Akshay Kumar said that it was “hilariously hard to do”. Akshay wrote, “You know at the back of my mind I’ve always wondered what is going to be ‘that’ thing in life I’m gonna find unbelievably difficult??… Ha Ha, I’ve found it… Coz I’ve always used my determination, talent, and hard work to get me through everything. Well on this particular stunt all I needed was the perfect technique and tons of luck… Well have a guess; I had neither of those on my side this week… Being a man of many physical talents, by god I met my match this week; I have never fallen on my ass so many times in one day I swear.”

Akshay only had a half an hour to prepare to shoot the scene and though he thought it would be easy he wrote, “Well surprise, surprise, water skiing ain’t that easy, it looks so graceful and easy and killer cool to do, you know, anyone could do it. Well I’m sorry, I was so so wrong, it’s ridiculously harder than it looks and so much funnier. I jumped on my board ready to fly off and maybe even produce some somersaults off the ramps, but HELL NO… I fell off that thing quicker than anyone could say ‘Singh is Kinng,’ It was more like Singh the belly flop king…”

Of course he would not let it beat him and by lunch not only was he skiing like a pro, he was carrying Katrina Kaif while on the skis! “I was carrying the incredibly beautiful and brave Katrina Kaif on my back whilst whizzing round on this thing like it was second nature. And that’s when you know you’re a good actor, when you’re made to do something that technically scares the crap out of you but you smile for the shot and make everyone think AHH they’re so in love, then the minute you hit the water at mega speed there’s no smile, just a battered body that’s praying for the shot to be OK’d so you can brush yourself down and appreciate dry land again.”

Adding a compliment for his co-star, “So I must say hats off to Katrina, she did extremely well, not many heroines I know would have tried and succeeded as much as Kat did, well done girl…”

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