Akshay Kumar Does Amazing Stunt for Cola Commercial

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Akshay Kumar is known to be a daredevil in real as well as reel life. He does not use a double for the mind-blowing stunts that are seen in many of his films and this inclination has earned him the title of ‘The Action Man of Bollywood’. Kumar is a talented actor with many different avatars and has had the many hits at the box-office.

Recently while shooting a cola commercial, the action star avatar came out to play. The commercial being shot in Kolkata required him to jump and repel down an 80-foot sign showing the cola. Attached only to a rope, he gladly did the stunt and then hanging about 40-feet in the air he waved and smiled to his fans. Then reaching safe ground he signed some autographs.

Kumar said, “It’s action, it’s fun and I have always found it very exciting to live on the edge.”

We hope we don’t scream when we see this stunt in the commercial!

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