Akshay Kumar gets trained in Russian knife fighting

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14apr_AkshayKumar-RussianKnifeFightingMumbai Police recently brought in Russian trainers to train their women staff in knife fighting. It’s a form of martial arts called ‘tolpar’. The technique largely depends on the quickness and intelligence of the person as against relying on their brute physical strength. Akshay, who is a six degree black belter, also learnt the skill with the Mumbai policewomen.

Commenting about this, Akshay said, “What I love the most about it is that while normally, a man has more brute physical power than a woman, knife fighting requires intelligence and thus, with a little bit of quickness, women can actually have an edge over men and can save themselves and others with this skill.”

He also mentioned, “It’s my goal to make martial arts compulsory for girls in school. In China, you have to do two years of martial arts training, without which you cannot get a graduation degree. There is so much violence and action in martial arts that when you come out in the world, your mind does not think of violence as it takes out all your anger. Therefore, I believe that countries with martial arts will be more peaceful and not as physically violent as others who don’t have it.”

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