Akshay Kumar takes action to an incredible level in Ram Setu!

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Akshay Kumar is known as an actor who loves to perform action sequences and for his newest film he has taken it to 11! Akshay stars in the Abhishek Sharma-directed, Ram Setu, which is touted to be a one of its kind action adventure film. It features Akshay Kumar as an archaeologist, who is on a mission to protect Ram Setu. Through the journey, he encounters various challenges.

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For this epic action packed film, Akshay teamed up with the action masters, Anl Arasu and Parvez Shaikh to design and choreograph the incredible action sequences.

“He would be on the set and improvise the stunts for a better impact. There’s a prolonged action sequence set in Afghanistan, which has been partly choreographed by Akshay himself. Another scene that he improvised throughout the shoot was the motorboat chase sequence. With his experience, he would always sit down with Anl Arasu and Parvez Shaikh to elevate the scenes further. There have been instances when he performed the stunts before the shoot as a part of test and safety check,” revealed a source close to the development.

Producer, Vikram Malhotra, who has worked with Akshay in multiple films before, confirms the development and insists that the Afghanistan and Boat action scenes are two of the major highlights of his Diwali 2022 release. Abhishek Sharma is grateful to be working with such a team. He says, “For me, it was the best of both worlds where on one hand, I had two of the best action directors – Anl Arasu and Parvez Shaikh and on the other hand, I had a man synonymous with action in our country.”

He adds, “The task we had at hand was to create a new type of action, an action which is not your conventional fight sequences but actually using the environment, the world that is available to you to create magic. Akshay Sir understood these nuances and helped elevate this with his understanding and experience of action.”

Ram Setu is in theatres now!

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