“Akshay made sure I gave my best for the role” – Trisha Krishnan

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To the Hindi audiences, Trisha Krishnan may be a foreign name, but for her South Indian fans she’s already a superstar having close to 35 films to her name in the last 7 years and numerous blockbusters! After years of speculations of ‘will she or won’t she’ the South Indian diva decides to take up an offer in the Hindi film industry. That film is Khatta Meetha, which opens on July 23rd!

She has entrusted Priyadarshan with her Hindi debut and has full confidence that she’ll be able to make a mark despite a very unconventional debut. After all he’s the same director who started her career 7 years ago with Leysa Leysa. The actress is quick to admit that yes, the film is unconventional as is her role, “This is my first film and I can’t be too choosy; let’s admit that. For a start, I have to be seen with big star and a director who gives guaranteed box office return. I guess this is good enough to make your first move. I won’t say that there is no love story at all in the film. It may not be there for the complete two and a half hours of the film but there is a thread of love story between me and Akshay that plays through the film. It’s the remake of a very, very old film he had done. I can’t reveal much…It’s a love story but Akshay’s comedy would be the highlight of the film. I think these days audiences are looking for a sensible film.”

Of course the million dollar question was, just how was it having Akshay the producer and Akshay the co-star?! “It was quite funny that despite being a producer, there was no producer-like interference from him on the sets. I didn’t see any such traits from Akshay. He was more like a co-star all the time and made sure that I give my best for the role,” Trisha explained.

Now that all has been done and said its time to sit back and wait for Khatta Meetha to hit the big screens, only then we will be able to answer the question as to Trisha’s fate in the Hindi Film industry.

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