Akshay missing in action again!

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Once again, Akshay Kumar will be missing the premiere of his own movie. This time it’s Jumbo. He also missed the release in India of Singh is Kinng, being in Monte Carlo on a holiday at the time. It’s said that the actor has a superstition that if he is in India at the time of a movie’s release, the movie will fail.

So when Jumbo hits the screens, Akshay will be in Hong Kong taking part in the mega Carving Dreams production, tentatively titled ‘From Chandni Chowk to Hong Kong’. The special performance will also include Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, Amisha Patel, Aarti Chhabria, Riya Sen and Himesh Reshammiya with each one of the artists producing their own concept for their performance. Akshay, however, will close the show and will be the main attraction. “Akshay will be the toast of the show and currently his acts are being put together by him and Carving Dreams show director Simran. There are a couple of options which they are working on and which we will freeze soon,” says promoter Afzar Zaidi. “Akshay’s Chandni Chowk To China releases next month and it makes sense to talk about the film through the show’s title.”

Akshay is clearly very proud of Chandni Chowk to China (Triple-C). “It is made for family audiences and is also the first ever authentic Kung Fu film to come out of Bollywood,” he says. “I don’t recollect any movie like this being made earlier. For me the character of Sidhu itself is so easy to relate to since I come from the byways of Chandni Chowk myself. We’re different in that I was a chef in Bangkok in my early years while Sidhu is a ‘halwai’ before he becomed a Kung Fu expert in China.” The film also stars Deepika Padukone and Ranvir Shorey.

Meanwhile, Akshay has been commenting on being chosen by People India as the Sexiest Man Alive for 2008, putting him in direct competition with John Abraham, who was recently chosen for a similar position by the UK’s Eastern Eye magazine.

“The sexiest thing about any man is his sense of humour. I’m sorry but there’s nothing sexy about a naked man,” says Akshay. “I’m surprised that there are not more lesbians in this world. So after seeing Dostana I think that title should definitely go to Abhishek Bachchan because if a guy can’t make you laugh after sex, what’s the point?”

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