Akshay Signs up Shriya

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Akshay Kumar has struck gold by signing up hot Southern star Shriya Saran for his home-based project Komagatu Maru, directed by Deepa Mehta. “I’m on top of the world, as I ‘m doing Deepa Mehta’s epic Komagata Maru,” says Shriya, “Deepaji is my favourite director and it is a great honour to do a film with her.” Shriya has experience of working for Deepa as she appears in her film What’s Cooking?. Akshay will be playing the key role of Gurdit Singh in Kamagatu Maru.

Shriya is currently filming Jaggubhai for Ravikumar alongside Sarath Kumar. The unit is currently in Australia filming musical items in Sydney. Shriya became a national figure after the movie Sivaji: The Boss and recently appeared opposite Vikram in Kanthaswamy. Earlier this year, she could be seen in Mission Istanbul and the crossover movie, The Other End of the Line with Jesse Metcalf and British actress Tara Sharma.

Other than her acting, Shriya is almost equally well known for her social conscience. She has adopted two children from an orphanage. Under the arrangements of the scheme she is involved in, the children remain at the orphanage but she pays all their expenses including maintenance, education and medical fees.

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