Akshay’s Get Away

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Kambhakkht Ishq has been declared a hit clearing 100 crores in its first week, but instead of painting the town red to celebrate its success, Akshay Kumar left for Malaysia for a two day shoot and doesn’t return to Mumbai until September.

A bit of a gap in between right? Ideally Akshay would’ve returned home after shooting the ad in Malaysia but he has decided to fly straight to London for a schedule shooting Sajjid Khan’s Housefull.

“I’m shooting an ad for a cola in Malaysia. It’s very different from all the ads that I’ve done so far. No action this time. It’s a nice soft and gentle ad. I hope my critics will like me at least in this ad,” commented Kumar before heading to Malaysia.

Rumour has it that the actor has decided to get away from the antagonistic criticism surrounding his recent release. “The same aggressive tu tu main main in Hangover got 4 and 5 star rating while my film was treated so shabbily,” Akshay articulated despondently.

Sounds like a bit of a dampener?


But then it’s the Junta’s verdict that counts – Right? Right.

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