Ali Zafar has Fun Fun Funaa on Luv Ka the End!

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The song ‘F U N Fun Funaa’ from Luv Ka The End features the famous Pakistani singer Ali Zafar. However, Ali Zafar does not just sing on the OST, he also plays a role in the film. So, how did Ali Zafar make his way to bagging this role?

In Luv Ka The End, there’s a character of a rock star called Freddie Kapoor who is every boy’s dream benchmark and every girl’s fantasy. So when it came to casting for this character, we wanted someone who was a rocker himself. His sound would have to be a Bryan Adams meets Green Day meets Black Eyed Peas. Ali’s new album Jhoom was coming out and was being distributed by Yash Raj Music. So we decided to reach out to him. Being a musician, song-writer, singer himself… Ali got so excited with the track ‘F-U-N-Fun-Funaa’ that he refused to accept money for the film. Instead, he asked for a donation to a charity of his choice.

Along with being a singer, Ali Zafar is a complete performer who left everyone stunned when he first hit the stage during the shoot. But, singing and dancing is not all that Ali Zafar did in Luv Ka The End. During the climax, there is a big stunt sequence with an SUV where he drops the girls home… in the film and he refused to use a body double or a stunt driver. He did all the driving himself and he was great with the skids, the jumps and he gave the girls the ride of their life.

You can see Ali Zafar and the rest of the young cast when Luv Ka The End hits theaters on May 6th!

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