Alia Bhatt unveils her clothing line Alia

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Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt unveils clothing line Alia in association with in Mumbai, India on September 29, 2014.

Talking about the youthful fashion forward line, she revealed, “I’ve had a great time creating this fashion line. My fashion line is for every girl. A mid twenty or a mid thirty something can wear my clothes.”

Citing both Karan Johar and Manish Malhotra as people who have inspired her personal fashion sense, she said, “The collection is very simple, it’s very me. I wanted to be involved in this so we sat and discussed a lot. It’s a fall winter collection. So there are lot of sweat shirts. It is very personal and special for me. I want everybody to enjoy this.”

Alia launced the line saying, “And now comes the best part — sharing the experience and the brand with my fans and everyone out there who just loves clothes.”

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