All Work and No Play for Busy Riya Sen

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Bengali beauty Riya Sen has been a godsend to struggling airlines recently as she has been working hard on the modelling circuit, becoming a showstopper in cities as far apart as Simla, Pune and Kolkata. “Well, it’s just been all work and no play recently,” she says, “But I’m quite content with that.”

Riya was also a judge at the Bombay Times Fresh Face competition semi-final in Mumbai on Friday. Over forty contestants fought for one of the final places on offer. It was tough for Riya to decide as she was looking for personality, raw talent and attitude as the three leading criteria, something that the contestants had in abundance. “Not even our film industry has so much talent,” she said.

After her amazing cameo in the exceptional Abhomaan, Riya says she would now like to do more Bengali films and is happy about the way her career is progressing. “I have lately been vary choosy about my films,” she says, “When you start your career, you act in all kinds of movies. You don’t pick and choose. But later on, you may feel that there were some films where you should have given a second thought before saying yes.”

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