Amar Upadhyay outsmarts Akashdeep and Siddharth on Bigg Boss

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After being the target of the two other boys, Akashdeep Saigal and Siddharth Bhardwaj on Bigg Boss for a week, actor Amar Upadhyay seemed to have finally outsmarted them recently, when they tried to cunningly frame him with words.

Starting a discussion about Amar’s mischievous eyes, Akash and Sid were seen struggling to corner him, while all the three guys had their first private meeting in the bubble section on Bigg Boss lawns.

While Amar patiently listened up, Akash and Sid continued their word play, taunting him with remarks like, “Yeh rocking aadmi hai yaar. Personality hai,” “He’s ok. He’s harmless,” “Bahut sumdi mein khelta hai yeh,” “Yeh pata hai, kis type ka hai, very creative. Poora research kar ke khel raha hai.”

Blaming him for tomfoolery on the show, Akash who has earlier acted with Amar on the daily soap Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, asked him, “Kya karta hai tu? Kahan seekha, bata to sahi?” Sid continued, “Classes ho rahi hai kya koi Bigg Boss ki. Tu logon ko botal mein utaar leta hai. Tu botal kahan se laya, yeh bata.”

“Bol na, kya karta hai tu. Kuch toh seekha,” provoked Akash; followed by an evil laughter. “What’s your trick,” goaded Sid, as Amar continued to answer all their questions in a very composed manner.

Realizing that their provocation was not making any difference to the chilled out Amar, Akash ultimately popped up the most scandalous question with a straight face! “Chal bata, yahan par sab logon mein se sabse best game kaun khel raha hai,” he asked. “Tu,” was Amar’s short and prompt reply with a naughty smile.

Becoming conscious of being continuously outsmarted, both Akashdeep and Siddharth broke out into more evil laughter and clapped, while Amar gave them that typical mischievous smirk that he has come to be known for on Bigg Boss.

“His smirk is enough to make Akash and Sid jittery for now,” remarks Amar’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar outside the House. “While Siddharth has been a part of reality shows like MTV Splitsvilla, Roadies and others, Akash has participated in Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao and Fear Factor earlier. But reality television is a first for Amar with Bigg Boss. So his calm and cool dude attitude has been bothering both Akash and Sid while they are trying their best to ruffle him,” laughs the publicist.

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