Amazon’s Mini TV Anthology Kaali Peeli Tales Looks Interesting

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Amazon is pushing further into zones exploring human relationships. Their new anthology Kaali Peeli Tales in the ‘Mini TV’ series seems like a good way to re-acquaint ourselves with the vernacular of the urban nomad. These are characters you would probably run into in Mumbai’s suburbs while waiting for a taxi or bus.

Kaali Peeli Tales is a heartwarming anthology of six unique stories which navigate through the intricacies of modern-day relationships. Set in the fast-paced city of Mumbai, the six stories revolve around young and cosmopolitan characters who are on crossroads of change and acceptance in their individual lives. Mumbai’s iconic ‘Kaali Peeli’ takes the center stage and becomes the connecting thread between the six stories, depicting how the ‘Kali Peeli’ is not just a taxi, but holds sentimental significance for a lot of us.

The trailer shows us that Maanvi Gagroo (good to see her back) has fallen in love with her gay intern. As if that isn’t enough of a problem, she is already married. Elsewhere in the trailer I saw a girl trying desperately to impress Vinay Pathak about her boyfriend. Soni Razdan hovered in the background as the anxious matriarch. And Sayani Gupta stared at the sea and surmised how small her problems seemed when she stood facing the ocean.

There is a designer-wisdom at work here weaving the stories together in a pastiche resembling an urbane feast.A burp rather than a belch. A sigh of appreciation rather than a roar of approval is what this anthology streaming on Amazon MINI TV from August 20, seeks. And from what I saw in the trailer, will get.

Kaali Peeli Tales is directed by Adees Rais whose short film Auntiji had Shabana Azmi befriending an acid-attack survivor .Rais has this ability to talk about social issues without talking down to the casualties of social prejudice. That ability comes in handy in this sextet of stories. Can’t wait to see them.

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