America’s Next Indian Top Model?

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There aren’t many Indian models in the industry on the Western side of the globe. However, will the appearance of Anchal, a nineteen year old sales clerk from Florida, on America’s hit reality show America’s Next Top Model change all of that?

America’s Next Top Model is a reality show produced by Tyra Banks. Girls are selected from ages between 18 and 29, of various ethnic backgrounds to participate in the reality show. The girls live like models and must perform in various photoshoots and tasks; their performances and best photos all play a part in deciding which girl must go home, and the last girl standing will be America’s Next Top Model.

This is currently the seventh season of the show and it is the first time a girl of South-Asian descent is present. Anchal is a beautiful girl with gorgeous waist-length tresses, large almond shaped eyes and amazing bone structure. However, Anchal doesn’t think she’s pretty, which is an obstacle in her path. She will need a lot more confidence to get ahead in this show. I really like her as a person; she doesn’t have a bitchy attitude like some of the other girls and is very humble, and although she’s a nice girl, she tends to blend in; she does not stand out much.

Anchal’s first photoshoot required her to play a narcissistic model and she “rocked this shoot.” This was a controversial photoshoot, involving different stereotypes for models, such as anorexic and bulimic models.

The second photoshoot of the season involved makeovers for the girls; their hair was styled in various unique ways. Anchal’s hair didn’t change much. She just got a few layers, probably because the producers find her sleek, long hair very unique, along with some painful forehead threading (Ouch!). Her photoshoot involved an elaborate up-do which she pulled off skillfully.

The third photoshoot involved walking down a runway which was situated on top of a pool. The catch? It was broken up into different segments which WOBBLED! Anchal had to maintain her balance, however, this photoshoot did not go over as well as the others; the judges thought she did not put enough energy in her pose.

In the episode entitled “Circus Freaks,” Anchal revealed some very personal information about herself. I’m sure many people can relate to this: “I never really had friends. I always got made fun of. And nobody believes that because of the way I look now, but it’s really hard for me to believe in myself.” I personally think that is a very hard confession to make, especially on television.

In her photoshoot, Anchal played the a role of “The Giant” in the circus. I don’t think she looked very much like a giant but that isn’t her fault. She really does look like a model and I love the expressions on her face.

Will Anchal’s debut on America’s Next Top Model open the doors for Indian models in the U.S.?

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