Amisha’s love for books

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Amisha has been recently seen reading one of Harry Potter’s novels in Crossword Book store in Mumbai. She has been famous for being an avid reader as she can finish one whole book in a day, “I read everywhere – on airflights, beauty parlours, in between shots, everywhere. I was so captivated by the Da Vinci Code that I finished it cover-to-cover on a flight from Canada to Bombay,” she claims. She says she even wanted to read the Britannica Encylopedia from A to Z but then she realized one can’t do that in a single lifetime. Amisha claims that her friends told her that if she ever had a son, he would look like Harry Potter. “And that won’t be a bad thing because Potter is intelligent and famous,” she replies.

Amisha’s motto is to believe in your dreams because dreams do come true, she has certainly fulfilled almost all of her dreams but one dream that is pending is that she wants to write a book, “It would be a dream come true to write a book some day. It would be interesting to attempt a book many years from now. It would be a bit sizzling and a bit boring – but I know it’s title for sure – Sex and the Film City!” she says.

Well, we have four words on our mind right now “Amisha is a bookworm”!

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