Amitabh goes back in time!

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Amitabh Bachchan will also be teaming up with Tabu once again. This time for the period movie The Legend of Kunal. Amitabh will be playing the Emperor Ashoka and Tabu his wife Tishyarakshitra.

“History and its cinematic treatment demand the characters to be true to their antecedents, explains director Chandraprakash Dwivedi. “And emperor Ashoka, who is caught in his twilight years in my film, had to be played by Bachchan saab. Only he possesses the gravity, sobriety and personality along with being the age required. I wouldn’t make Ashoka without him. As for Tabu, she plays his young, fiery, assertive wife.” The film is also expected to star Arjun Rampal in the lead role and Amrita Rao as his wife.

Amitabh has spoken out following the attack on Mumbai, an event that has touched him deeply. “My pain has been the sight and plight of my innocent and vulnerable and completely insecure countrymen…And my anger has been at the ineptitude of the authorities,” he says.

Amitabh will be teaming up with Ravi Chopra once again too. Together with Shahid Kapur, he will be making Pocketmaar, a comedy with a thoughtful side. Filming is likely to start early next year. The film has no connection with the Dharmendra movie of the same name from the seventies.

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