Amrita and PETA

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Recently whilst actress Amrita Rao was posing for PETA, her shoot was disrupted and prolonged due to political party activists who stormed onto the sets. They were misinformed that Amrita was posing in her bare essentials and much to their surprise Amrita was decently dressed. There also seemed to be an identity crisis as they thought it was Amrita Arora, known to be sexy, who was shooting and all the more felt the shoot would be saucy. However once they saw seedhi saadhi Rao, they realized their mistake and profusely apologized by telling her how they loved her in Vivaah and Welcome To Sajjanpur and wanted to see more of her. Amrita being the sweet girl next door that she is, ensured that her driver got them lunch from an Udipi joint close-by and she sweetly autographed their hands. In fact, one of the political party activists made a call to his 10-year-old son to visit the sets as Amrita was his favourite actress.

Amrita Rao explains, “It was quite a scary and entertaining incident as I was so engrossed with the entire shoot since there were many last minute concept changes when suddenly I see a line of unknown men just barging onto the sets and creating an unnecessary scene. Knowing the person I am, I am very focussed and generally like my privacy at shoots but this whole incident turned out to be one big joke as after the hullabaloo it was more like fan bonding time. What’s even more strange is that people need a reason to create a controversy, Amrita Arora is pregnant, how on earth would she be doing an ad campaign for PETA. Didn’t any one check facts? I am glad it’s over and would never want it to be repeated again. I decide what I want to endorse and what I want to wear as long as it’s in sync with a standard mode of conduct.”

We also hear that ace snooker Pankaj Advani, a great fan of Amrita’s, has also taken to vegetarian and his PETA campaign will be unveiled after Amrita’s early next year.

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