Amrita Rao Scared in a Graveyard

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The new film, My Name is Anthony Gonsalves, directed by E Niwas, starring Amrita Rao and debut actor Nikhil Dwivedi opens in theaters next week. It is the story of Nikhil’s character’s dream of becoming a superstar one day, and the roadblocks that he encounters.

Nikhil said, “Like the tagline of the film need, it’s a film about ordinary dreams. It’s a film about an ordinary man who has extraordinary dreams. He wants to be a huge star and he is from very ordinary background. The movie is about his strife and struggle to achieve his dreams.”

For the film, Amrita Rao had to shoot one of the scariest scenes she has ever had to do. The scene was set in a graveyard and Amrita was very nervous about the being there for the shoot. In fact so nervous that she asked that the filming be done before it got dark.

It seems that Nikhil is a bit of a mischievous guy and instead of making Amrita more comfortable, he kept trying to scare her more. Several times during the filming of the scene, Nikhil made eerie bhoot sounding cries and scared Amrita so much that she called pack-up. “It was getting dark and I was really scared. So I just shouted pack up and ran for my car. It was hilarious everyone had a good laugh at my expense,” said Amrita.

Be sure to see My Name is Anthony Gonsalves when it opens in theaters on January 11th.

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