Amrita Rao shares her success secrets

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The actress has lasted in the world of cinema for seven years now, and although she has still to make a big mark, she remains quite proud of the record she holds. No gigantic scandals, cat fights or interesting rumors. How does an actress in Hindi cinema manage all this and also have quite a decent streak at the box office? Well, for Amrita Rao it all lies in the commitment and passion she has for her work.

Firstly, it is due to her choice of films, which at times may seem scarce but only because the actress has quite a defined criteria for roles that she will take on board. A lot of thought process goes into place before she commits to a film and a role. She has definitely not gone unnoticed, having done movies with the Rajshri banner and opposite King Khan. So we have no doubt that offers aren’t the issue, but it’s the strict criteria she abides by. Whatever this criteria is or whatever characteristic in a role she looks for is definitely a successful formula because the last few years have encompassed some of the best and most acclaimed releases of the actress’s career such as Vivah, Welcome to Sajjanpur and even Shaurya, in which her role was extensively appreciated and praised although it was only a special appearance.

Having said that, she’s not a totally perfect child and has had her share of duds at the box office namely Deewar, Pyare Mohan and Shikhar. Regardless of such films, which had so much hope invested in them, the pragmatic actress says that one should putt aside all the emotional attachment that one develops in the making and move on.

The past few years have been particularly busy for Amrita. First, their was the Telugu blockbuster Athidi for which of course Mumbai was not the location, followed by the almost simultaneous shooting for Victory and Welcome to Sajjanpur. Although the schedule was hectic, the actress admits that it wasn’t too much of a drama despite Ajitpal Mangat and Shyam Benegal having very contrasting styles of filmmaking and despite the roles being poles apart. Of course there was no need for dubbing for WTS which meant an earlier wrap up than usual!

Well, that’s enough talk of the past. What about the future? Is it all bright and shiny for Amrita? That’s hard to predict since the box office seems to get more and more unpredictable over the years, but in terms of roles and projects Amrita has a great line up. Releasing this Friday of course is the highly anticipated release, in particular for all cricket fans, Victory opposite Harman Baweja and debutant director Ajitpal Mangat. Despite playing a simple, small town girl in the film and despite the film being sports orientated, Amrita assures the audiences and her fans that she has been given quite a meaty role considering the script which is of such a genre that one would assume it to not be the most accommodating script for heroines wanting to make a mark. After Victory Amrita has set her mind to shedding the innocent, simple and small town look, that has been stuck on her since day one, in Shortcut where she takes on the role of glamour queen. So whoever has accused the actress of not being innovative will surely receive a rude awakening with the emergence a very new, hot and happening Amrita Rao!

If that doesn’t get you excited for the upcoming year, then we don’t know what will. Will the innocent image of Poonam which put Amrita into everyone’s hearts successfully wash off when she adopts this new glamorous persona? Only time will tell, or in your case, BollySpice will tell. Stay tuned and we’ll reveal all as the exciting year of 2009 starts to unfold!

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