Amrita Tight In Schedule!

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It’s been quite a few years since Amrita Rao’s debut film, Ab Ke Baras, and since then Amrita has certainly traveled a long way! From a rocky start to a super hit blockbuster with King Khan, and now to a Telugu movie with one of the biggest stars in Tollywood. She’s done it all and yet she has so much more to explore!

The talented actress nowadays is working hard on getting rid of the “old-world elegance” banner that is constantly swinging over her head. And now with a project from the infamous Shyam Benegal she’s raring to take on more challenges.

Zubeida maker, Shyam Benegal, offered Amrita a role in his upcoming project and immediately the actress agreed. Amrita claims that to work with Shyam has been one of her career dreams since she saw the transformation that happened to Karisma through Zubeida. With Shyam’s next movie, Amrita will get a opportunity to work with another very new yet very highly acclaimed talent in Indian cinema, Shreyas Talpade.

However Shyam’s movie is not what keeps Amrita’s schedule so tight today. She’s doing a variety of movies and by the sound of it, is hardly taking a break anytime soon.

Amrita is currently wrapping up her Telugu movie Athidi with Mahesh Babu, followed by commencing shooting for UTV and David Dhawan’s Hook Ya Crook. Not only that but E Niwas’s My Name is Anthony Gonsavlis and Anil Kapoor’s Shortcut with Akshay Khanna are also what is keeping this young lady on her toes.

A tight schedule filled with projects, with some of the best in the industry, along with soaring amounts of talent and a stunning face, what else does a young talented lady need!

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