An Arresting Performance from Neetu

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Neetu Chandra’s star continues to rise in Bollywood and it will have been helped no end by her stunning performance at the Police Diwali Mela at the Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai. In a showstopper of an act, she gyrated in a style similar to Britney Spiers or Christina Aquilera. “Yes, I did perform at the Police Diwali Mela and danced to the number Oop Cha from Drona. It is a funky track and gave me a platform to showcase my dancing abilities,” she says.

Would she be prepared to do similar shows in the future? “It all depends upon how occupied I am at that point of time,” she explains, “I have 4-5 movies coming up in the near future and I need to be there for promotion for each of them.”

Neetu is very athletic, being a blackbelt in taekwondo and having also represented India in the World Korfball Championships. Though so far underused in Bollywood, she caught everyone’s attention in Traffic Signal and is currently looking forward to the release of Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! and Mumbai Cutting. OLLO is said to be very loosely based on the career of super-thief Bunty.

As well as her Bollywood roles, Neetu is building a career for herself down South and has a number of new movies lined up – you can read her recent wonderful interview with Neetu Chandra Interview to find out more: “I’ve done one Tamil film which will be released in February (2009) and three Telugu films, “ she explains, “I write the dialogues in Hindi and English and mug them! I don’t discriminate and let good scripts go because of language…”

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