And the towel slips!

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For all those millions of girls (and maybe guys) who have been ogling over Ranbir in the latest ‘Jab Se Tere Naina’ promo of upcoming Saawariya, there is more news.

Leg show is not all that will be seen in ‘Jab Se Tere Naina’ by Ranbir. Mid-Day reports that Ranbir is the first actor in a long time to do a butt shot! Like father like son, as they say. For those who can remember back to the days of Bobby, you’d recall that Rishi Kapoor had a similar shot in his debut film as well.

The scene is a lovey-dovey number with a guy expressing how insanely in love he his whilst he waltzes around in his towel and the butt shot is incorporated as the towel slips.

Mid-Day asked Ranbir on how he felt about the shot and the young actor replied, “It’s a song where a guy is celebrating love when he comes out after a bath… so many of us have danced in a towel in our bedrooms. What’s the big deal if the towel slips off?” Way to go Ranbir! Daring to do what no hero in a mainstream movie has done.

One would think that perhaps mum Neetu would have slight concerns about the shot but that’s not the case, on the contrary mummy-dearest finds the shot rather cute!

So girls there’s something that will make your day! Now even if you don’t enjoy Saawariya you’ll come out of the cinema fully satisfied!

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