Anil Kapoor anxious to see reaction to 24

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The Indian telecast of the American serial 24 has begun. Finally everybody can see Anil Kapoor in the role of Kamistan President Omar Hassan. Kapoor is anxious to see everyone’s reactions to his performance. “I am always excited, but not nervous. The appreciation I have received internationally has cushioned me.”

Several reports claimed that Dev Patel, also of the Slumdog Millionaire fame, recently called Hollywood racist. But Kapoor doesn’t agree with that. He says that they are the epitome of equality, but he also claims that being cast as the president of a fictional Middle Eastern country modelled on Iran in the TV show 24 did not feel demeaning in anyway. “I have worked all over the world, and I have never seen this kind of equality when it comes to being offered roles. I have never felt like I have been typecast. They treat everyone equally. If you are talented, can draw people, deliver the quality of work and bring in the money, they will accept you even if you are from Timbuktu”, says Kapoor. He feels that Patel’s statement was misconstrued. “I know Dev too well, and he could never have said something like that.”

Kapoor claims that his character in the TV show allows him to showcase a wide array of emotions. “It’s a grey character; a liberal man who works hard to make it to the top. And during his journey to the UN to sign a peace treaty, he slowly loses everyone’s trust. I was told that the vulnerability that I brought to the character is not something that can be taught in film school. How can these same people typecast anyone?”

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