Anil Kapoor Goes on a Break

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Anil Kapoor has been working non-stop for 30 years. For the first time Anil will take some time off from acting.

Anil had decided that he won’t be facing the camera nor sign any new films in the next few months. “I’ve put all my work on hold for some months. I’ve wrapped up my last starrer No Problem and my production Aisha with my daughter Sonam in the lead. I’ve a clean slate and I’m enjoying the period of calm after all the non-stop kaam,” says Anil.

The buzz is that after the sabbatical, Anil might star in the film version of the American serial 24, but he is tightlipped about it. “They’ve just started working on the script. Let’s see…I don’t really plan these things. It will happen if it has to.”

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